Shyness कैसे दूर करें?

Shyness shy I feel ashamed.

Actually, it is not that you feel shyness There are many people who feel ashamed.

Shyness is, it is the subjective This means we are ashamed of the situation.

There are some people with whom we are very comfortable, we talk openly.

We tells everything we are friendly and some people are like that.

There are unknown people.

We are ashamed.

Shyness feel How to talk could not talk There is also a dependent on the situation There

is some situation in which we are very confident that I will do what you know and which you

do not know or not, how will I do it.

I am ashamed if shyness on your mind.

So this video is for you the things am going to tell you the points we are going to discuss

this is the one from which your shyness can end what to do for it two things First of

all, watch this video till the end and what I am telling you implement it in real life

these all are practical things Use it in all real life, you will see that the results started

The results will come, making my video will be successful, then it is so much work.

We do it together.

The first thing you have to do.

You have to identify your insecurities What are the things about which you feel insecure?

Now what do these insecure people feel about.

Some people feel that their body physique is not good.

If someone talks about their body,.

Someone is fat.

Some are thin, some are tall, some is short . If there are talk about body physique people

feel insecure about it if you feel so write it on paper you should know no that about

what you feel insecure.

some people feel insecure about their relationship?

People feel insecure for their financial level have money or not insure is felt over money.

Some people feel insured about their health condition.

what about you feel insure you should know.

At least you should know consioulsly Why am I feeling insured about these things?

You have to accept write it on paper there would be no problem after that The problem

is until you accepted because you run the back.

If people do not accept they fight Someone says you are like that I am not like that.,

they respond by turning back.

People who accept their insecurities they say We are like this and he starts to be happy

and their stress level reduced And the shyness gets end soyou have to note

down your insecurities.

This is the first thing.

Now what is the other thing?

Identify When do you feel shy when you feel shy When you talk in front of the opposite

gender, you probably feel.

If some girls comes forward.

Then you probably feel shy again, you feel shy while talking to a girl.

In school and college, you would not be able to keep your talk.

You cannot speak in front of teacher.

You cannot speak in front of 4 people.

When you feel the shy you should know because you do not know that when

You feel shy then what will you improve when you feel that I am ashamed then you should

know that the situation where I exactly feel shy will know that you will work on it, but

if you first know it, then you should also write it.

Give Yourself peptalks Now You Know.

Now you will start talking to yourself to prepare yourself.

Look, I can explain one thing to you.

Today why it is important to talk to yourself.

People feels always that I want a partner to talk someone should be with me then they

feel insecure for that if I stay alone then I will not be happy.

I am explaining to you today the person who can’t happy alone He can never keep people


Whose company you have to enjoy first yours If you enjoy your company.

If you are a cool man then people will feel cool with you and they will say that this

person is very good and if you do not like your own company.

Do you think that I have become alone, if you are alone then people do not like the

person who seeks someone’s support always You have to become a support, so that is why

you start talking to yourself.

Talk to yourself in free time, but don’t seek people’s support alright moves on fourth care

more about actions and results people always think about future

If it will happen then what it will happen This is latter thing but now se have to take

actions now If we do something today, only then the future will improve.

People do not think what we are doing today.

They live in the future, keep thinking in the future.

Oh, if this is done then it is not done at all.

If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

You always feel shy shyness will feel always . It will always feel like no, no, no, till

then it will feel.

Unless you think in the future that nothing will happen.

Hey, focus on today.

Come to present.

Future becomes by today what we do today is our tomorrow will made so you need to be Focused

On Your Present your actions What am I doing today.

Am i doing right today I’m doing it wrong.

What you are doing today, then you will get the result tommorow of whatever you are doing


So do not be worried about What will be the result what will happen if I talk, what will

happen then then We live in then Oh come on, then come forward right then if I raise my


If i asked this question, people will not think this.

He will not think.

Will think will think It is a matter of after Worrying about the future will do nothing.

We do not even know.

What will happen in the future Apart from the god no one knows what is going to happen

in the future, it is dependend only on what action is being taken today.

Take action bring some courage come out of comfort zone ok move forward i am going to

discuss on many more points our points are these ahead there is a Technique here i am

giving you this Technique that you be prepared for the word what can happen worst once prepare

for it and then work you have to ask a question by yourself what is the worst that can happen

what can be the worse for an example you have to talk to a girl What is the worst You will

go and that girl will not say that I do not want to talk to you anything can not be worst

than that Accept, this is going to happen.

Accept that this is going to happen.

Accept it i am saying accept it you accept this future situation that this is going to

happen and then do work accordingly .You feel that you have to ask for your money back

Oh man, he will think that I am like this.

That is your money But you are not asking because you are ashamed

Hey, what will be worse than bad, the relationship will get worse.

You accepted this.

Things you need too.

You also need money.

Your money, you want it, but you are not asking for it.

Are you afraid that the relation will be bad, what should you do.

Accept that it will be it will be The worst that can happen is that the relationship

will get worse.

Then after that are you ready to do.

If the relation will be bad.

Do you still need money after that?

If you want, it’s okay, you will be afraid the talk, it was the worst of all.

That was it.

Whatever happens will be good, then this is what happens.

Whatever happens, it will be good.

Worst what can happen, what can be worse than bad.

accept it and whatever happens it will be good then it is a technique that your worry

will reduce your stress.

Why people are stressed, keeps thinking about the future.

This will happen.

Will be like that.

What will be worst , you have accepted it It will be better than what happens now.

Okay, you got this technique.

Use this then Technique finish your shyness Finish the stress learn to be happy all right

move forward

Here Six Point is written Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone Everyone has a comfort zone

There is a scope beyond which I will not do anything.

I can do so much but not outside of it, people give up life.

If he lives in his comfort zone they do not try anything.

They Do not go ahead and people have to do business, but they don’t want to talk to people

why do not you have to talk to people, because a comfort zone has been created.

I am comfortable to do, I have to do it but not even outside the comfort zone, nothing

will happen.

Push yourself daily that I get out of my comfort zone.

I try a little more, try a little hard this is what you need to do right now.

You have to start well from today that you have to get out of your comfort zone which

you feel is easy.

It is very easy for me.

That is not right for you, which I think you enjoy doing.

That is not right for you, The work is there, you think it is not fun.

That is right for you, so if you want to enjoy some life, then you will have to do the work

that you are not enjoying doing today.

Your life will become very good.

But for that you need to push harder push yourself out of comfort zone it seems to do

hard work hard who did stop you do it and finally appreciate people in more detailed

manner and more frequently means start praising people.

Start speaking well about people.

It is necessary to start talking to finish shyness and what may be the most important

best thing to talk about.

To compliment something that looks good about person talk about the front to his mouth.

You feels good way of talk you feel that Dressing sense is very good with that person his overall

personality is very nice That’s why I said go to the detailed you like Confidence Do

you think that the voice modulation is very good when a person talks, talk about it then

the person in front of that thing will feel that if the person talks about me in detail,

then he is taking interest in me,talk stars from there And when Talk starts your shyness

gets end slowly And finally more frequently praise more and

more people, more and more you will say good by their mouth people will say good to you.

and what will happen, the conversion will begin.

The conversation will begin.

New friends will begin to form.

And I want this I want people to get around to you I want People to praise you and more than

this, people want to be like you, then you have to become an ideal.

To be a leader.

You have been made such that 4 people want to be like you and talk like you, for that

you will have to take action.

From the thing you are running from . You don’t have to run from that.

Develop yourself and for that if you want your development I am ready to help you.



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