Earn ₹1 Crore by Investing ₹1000 Per Month | How to be a Millionaire?

You guys ask a lot of questions in the comments.

Recently a question came to me.

That question was very interesting.

That question was if we can save only ₹1000 a month If a man saves only ₹ 1000 per month,

can he become a millionaire then?

Can he have more than one crore money?

Now I will answer this question, but let me ask this question first.

You will think to yourself that we are saving ₹ 1000 every month to earn one crore rupees.

If we will save it for 12 months, then this is only ₹ 12000.

If we save even for 10 years, then it becomes ₹ 120000 and if we save it for our whole

life even then we can’t save one crore rupees.

And if you will think like most people, this is the only answer you will get.

That it is not possible, it may not happen but you are watching this video, because you

don’t want to be in that category.

Well now I am going to show you magic right now and that magic is that it can happen.

Now you will say that sir we have done simple mathematics.

It cannot be calculated from that.

Yes, you can’t calculate it from simple mathematics and you can’t do it with Simple interest also.

You will have to learn compounding in it and this can be done by compounding.

Now you will say that sir how it can be calculated by compounding.

Now let me tell you.

Right now we’re talking about ₹1000 per month and maybe if you have too much you can

also invest ₹10000 and ₹ 100000 a month, but right now we are talking about a simple

₹ 1000 that the common man also understands then you have to do one thing.

First I will tell you everything, but before that, you have to simply go to the Internet

and after going to the Internet, you go to Google and write a SIP Calculator.

As soon as you write the SIP calculator on Google, a screen comes in front of us.

You have to go to the SIP calculator.

here and you can go to any SIP calculator.

Now you talked about investing only ₹ 1000 per month, it is not a big deal.

Many people can do it but we have taken 15% annual interest here.

I will tell you how you will get 15%.

So do not worry about it, nowhere you see that I took an example of 35 years and you

can take an example of 35 years, 40 years and also of 50 years and also take less

According to this, most people also think about retirement.

Many people do not think about retirement.

They think that something big will happen in 5 years and 10 years and we will tell for

them also, but I took an example of 35 years that if a person is watching this video at

the age of 25 and he starts investing from the age of 25, then what will happen in his

life if he will save ₹1000 per month, We haven’t adjusted inflation yet, so here we

are talking about 35 years, so what do you think you would have saved.

Here the answer is written.

You have invested only ₹420000, then you are saying we were correct.

If we save a thousand rupees a month, then in 10 years it will be 120000, then even in


you have seen or not seen one thing here.

I don’t know but you pay attention here.

We have taken annual interest based on 15%.

Now you must be thinking that 15% interest is not available in the bank.

The bank offers only a 3% interest rate.

And FD gives interest rates up to 8%, so how will we get a 15% interest rate?

I took 15%, you can also do it 14%, you can also make it 16%, so you are going to get

returns, I will tell you.

So you will have an expected amount after 35 years of 1.5 crores.

So this 420000 of yours will become 1.5 crores, so you are wondering how it can happen.

The SIP calculator is in front of you.

Now let us understand the meaning of this SIP.

SIP means Systematic Investment Planning or Systematic Investment Plan, so when you invest

systematically and invest in any plan for it, it is called SIP, then you can do this

SIP by yourself sitting at home.

So I don’t need to give too many details in this.

But let me tell you, If you can save this money, thousand rupees every month, you shouldn’t

just save it, you should invest it.

So the difference between investment and saving is that if you keep saving money with yourself,

then it doesn’t increase.

But when you invest it, then you get some returns and Interest on it.

This interest is the most powerful weapon.

If I set it like 18% instead of 15%, I have taken an example in front of you.

We are saving thousand rupees per month.

It will be 1.5 crores in 35 years according to the 15%, but if I set it at 18% instead

of 15% and I increase it only 3% interest.

We are talking about annually, it is not a big deal, then you will tell me how much will come

Tell me by commenting, then this percentage here is this powerful weapon.

Most people do not understand that they have to bring compound interest on their savings

and compounded interest means that you get interest in your amount and you also get interest

on interest, this is the biggest thing.

So if you understand this, then your game is easy.

Now some people will say that we can save more than a thousand, so here I give answers

to them.

Who will say that we will become billionaires in up to fifty years, but if we talk about

five years or ten years, then a lot can happen in this?

Today you are thinking about a thousand rupees per month.

Suppose you earn up to 50000 per month.

Whatever you earn, take out thousands of it.

You think about how to grow that money.

If you grow your income and for that, you learn the new things, you think that from

where extra money can come from and you also learn to save money, then if you have started

saving 5000 instead of 1000, then which your work is being done in 35 years, that work

can be done for you soon then it.

So those who want to become rich soon will have to understand that we want to earn more

money and we want to save money quickly, then I will clear a concept here.

Look, you understand two things.

One thing is to be Rich that you have got money and you become rich, but then there

is something called wealthy, we have to come under the category of wealthy people.

Wealth becomes slowly, your house also counts in wealth, and Your reputation is also counted

in and your bank balance also counted, there are many things then it will take time to make wealth

This is about your portfolio, how worth your portfolio is.

We have to talk in crores.

We have to reach there, it can take time.

You need to know these ways, so I am telling you that to come into this category, you first

need a mindset.

Where most people feel that what happens with thousand rupees, they spend and finish it

and their compounding stops here, they will never reach to crores but if today even a

child is watching this video by sitting at home, who gets pocket money.

The child who puts the money in a piggy bank can also think that I can create a demat account

in my father’s name and I can start SIP with my father’s name and that money will be saved

up to the time I come to college and I will have huge wealth and how this will happen,

today is the beginning of that and it starts with the mindset and now we talk directly

that how you will get these returns when I talked about 15 per cent.

Maybe people did not believe in that, how you get these returns, let me show you.

So I come on my phone to show you and also turn on the screen recording of my phone.

I have come on Finity app, I also do investment with Finity app especially in Mutual Fund’s,

and you can also do.

I will put the link to Finity in the description and comment box.

So now you see that when you go to Finity, then click on Mutual Fund.

In Mutual funds, you do not have to put many minds.

Your funds and the money you are investing in gets invested in different places and you

can do that inequity there are many options for equity as well.

You can invest in large-cap companies and you can invest in mid-cap companies and you

can invest in small caps and you can invest in multi caps also.

Now, we are talking about Actively managed mutual funds.

We have talked about passive investment funds.

Then you can invest money in passive index funds and I will show you that, then look

here, you will be surprised to see here.

Here we take the example of Parag, of flexicap direct growth, the returns are 29.46% and

you were talking about 15% returns, there are more returns than that come, but the market

is bullish now if you will see overall, then you can get many more returns than that.

And here there are many, Axis Bank and Baroda’s and UTI’s and you can see the returns, you

don’t have to invest only according to returns, so now you can see ratings, so here are morningstar

ratings so then you can choose and if you want to invest in this axis growth opportunities

then you will click simply on invest and when you will click on invest, then you can start

with ₹1000 example and it will become written here that from ₹ 1000, it will become ₹ 600000

in ten years, so you continue to invest here and then this is how to invest in Flexicap.

So flexicap is a kind of Mutual fund, apart from this, these are actively managed Mutual

funds, if you want to invest passively then here you see that first of all, passive investment

is coming, so when you will click on passive index funding, then the advantage here is

that according to Nifty, suppose you Invest according to Nifty 50, then the 50 companies

in the nifty 50, you can invest your money in it.

Now I click simply on the nifty, so in the nifty, you can invest in the Nifty next fifty,

so I will give you an example here.

Look here, this is of nifty 50, yes see a fund for example.

UTI Nifty Next fifty, next fifty means that there arenifty50 companies from one to 50,

so the companies between 51 to 100.

Your money is invested there, what happens in the Nifty and in the Nifty next fifty,

your companies keep changing and the companies which will perform in it will remain in the

Nifty Index, so you can invest money according to the Index.

Apart from that, you can see that generally, you will get to see returns above 15 percent

because the Nifty gives you a return of 14% to 15%, so if you want to invest accordingly

So we talk about UTI and SBI and here we are watching HDFC and we want to invest money

in HDFC, so we will click simply on the investment now.

And then you can choose, you can start investing with ₹500, and if you choose ₹1000, So

you will see what will be its value after 10 years, so there is a difference in the value is.

Here you can see three lakh and there will be six lakhs.

It is showing according to past returns, but there is no guarantee of future returns according

to the past return.

Here, I have told you a simple way that you choose here.

I told you about the Flexicap and that it is not necessary.

Generally, when people invest according to Large Cap, I explain it to you.

Some people will have questions in their minds.

The first thing when you invest in mutual funds.

The first thing why Mutual funds, because many people do not have much knowledge about

the stock market that in which company to invest money or in which not so when you invest

money in the active Mutual Funds, so funds managers are appointed for this, they choose

where to invest money, but if you chose to invest money in the Large Cap Fund, then your

money will be invested in the companies with large capital after considering their market

capitalization, if you will choose mid-cap or mid-size companies then the companies whose

market capitalization comes in this category, your fund manager will be restricted according to the category.

But as soon as you choose the flexicap, then the fund manager can invest money in any company

in which he thinks that there can be growth, then you can compound your wealth by simply choosing mutual funds.

So I showed you examples, the thing is from where you can start.

So I had a conversation with the management of Finity.

Then he told me that the time of investment was yesterday, and it passed and the next

best time is today.

So if you want to start investing, then you can start it today.

Now if you keep investing every month, see you were wasting that money, maybe it was

wasting, today it will be saved and compounded and you will have real Wealth.

So today you have come to know that magic secret which very few people know because

very few people become rich in life and you can become, this is your choice, see you will

become or not, time will tell.

But if you will have some good habits, out of which investing and investing continuously

is a good habit then you are going to go a long way in life.

So I think that our future is bright.

What do you think?

Tell me in the comments below, what did you like best about this video?

You will tell me in the comment.

You have to do an investment plan on the Finity.

Simply three is a link in the description and comment box, you can do it with your mobile

phone and you don’t need an agent and you don’t need to ask anyone.

You can do it by yourself.

Finally, share this video so that this right information to most people and if you are

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