आलस ख़त्म करने के आसान उपाय | End #Laziness 100% | Stop Wasting Time

So before I start this video I want to ask you all a question.

That question is, how much time do you waste every day today How much time do you waste

on each day Just think once, 3 hours 4 hours 6 hours, just look once what is the one thing

you do in the whole day that is wasting your time in actuality if you have thought how

many hours you would waste your time then I would take the least average that you can

waste 4 hours a day You are wasting 4 hours in one day you are wasting 28 hours in one

week I would think for 25 hours in a week if you waste 25 hours in a week, then 100

hours in a month has become amazing and in 1 the year 1200 hours Have wasted in 1 year

This means that if you were working 10 hours a day and you are counting your productive

hours If you do a job you are doing business.

A human being is working for 10 hours and if he is working for 10 hours then if you

are wasting 4 hours daily also understand it carefully that you have wasted for 120

days according to 1200 hours means 4 months you earn anything for the month.

If you earn 10000 or 30K or earning ₹ 100000 or ₹1000000 whatever you earn so Now calculate

your loss.

If you earn ₹ 100000 for 1 month, then according to 4 months, you waste ₹ 400000 for the

year You do not base ₹ 400000 on wastage, and the answer is wrong.

You have done much more harm than that.

Let me tell you how you were wasting your time.

If you could utilize the same time.

You don’t earn that 1 lakh You earn more may be You earn two lakhs 4lakh and maybe you

earned 10 lakhs earns more and now you are going to do your loss And I do not even know

how long you have been doing and I do not even know how long you can do it because maybe

a lot of people yet not started earning So far, even if you do not start earning then

if they do not see this video till the then how much damage will you do to your life,

then my question is why are you wasting your time Bhai what is the reason behind it a person

He remains lazy, lying on the bed.

Keeps watching TV, games are played.

Even if he is from the office he will come home to watch TV and sleep and even if he

has to work in the office during the day then he knows the hours of productive activity he is doing

If you are doing anything.

Now we have talked about business and jobs, so even if you are studying, then how many

hours a day are you wasting or you know yourself but the question comes.

What are you doing, why are you crazy Are you an idiot if you are wasting your time

Everyone knows the value of their time so why do they always do it why is a human wasting

his time this a big question answer is very simple.

You don’t have goals Now I am telling you the steps which I will give you one by one

First of all I told you, man is wasting his time.

You do not have any meaning you have no aim no goal There is no neurological fuel from

which you start running and from where you will get motivation and if They don’t have

a goal does not even create a motive They stop making goals There is no goal do not

know what to do in life going to work every day, why are you going, just to get salary

That’s why you are doing your business which is going to work.

I keep doing it and people are going backward.

It is getting lazy but not from you at this time, i what you want to have a goal whatever

you are doing now, why are you doing it now, this is called Motivation What ever you are

doing what you are doing so If you have forgotten them this is my work to realize you as a business

coach you that you realise it what you have to achieve what are the goals make goals and

what will happen with it you will get direction in life you will have the neurological fuel

to get you boosted up now if you have made your goal now after make goal a most important

thing is to understand it for example We put a rat in a cage and tied a spring on its tail

a cheese in front of it you saw that Tom and Jerry, and the jerry always run after

the cheese we suppose We put the food behind the rat According to us, the rat will behind

the cheese definitely When he feel hungry he also have to go towards eating and now

how much he will run spring is its high Spring will start streching It will begin to open

He will know how much he had motivation, an experiment has been done and in the experiment,

one more thing was that the immediately behind the mouse where the Spring was cat smell was

sprayed on it he senses that the cat is coming and as soon as the mouse felt the cat coming

to The mouse ran right away and the side of the cheese thing on the way of food he has

been trying to get as fast now he try more, so here I want to tell you one thing that

you should understand one thing with this experiment You make the goal that I have to lose 5 kg.

You can think very well that I will weigh you 5 kilos daily my clothes will fit on me

my physical will get Better I will get stamina growing I will start to look healthy again

you can think it In this manner this is like Seeing something like a rat is running away.

but think He ran fast as he smelled odour of cat like you, so you don’t have that cat.

a thing from which you run away in fear bring that

He will have to think. It can happen if my brother continues to be so fat. May I have a heart problem? May I have diabetes? If I do not look good.

If people are speaking upside down, then I have to do something, I have to do good to

my appearance, understand the science behind Motivation. I want to explain to you

Logic and everything humans do behind it. There is are two reasons to move forward one is getting somewhere

I have to reach somewhere like I have to reach something and another is getting away

to be away from this thing, I will give you the example from my life

I started my business at the age of 17 with my life You had two reasons, I had one, I wanted success.I made money.

I have to reach somewhere to set security for myself and I have to reach somewhere and

where I am living in the locality I am living.

I don’t want to be with those people like I want to run from here that is getting away

that is exactly what I did in life that like I want one thing and to run away from one

thing And when We get combination both of it, then comes the powerful motivation then

you run away in life if you make your goal now that is getting somewhere but you have

to fight something to get away The situation you want to get out of maybe someone doesn’t

like their boss that is getting away but then what you required to do is some getting somewhere when both will be combined.

Whatever will be the combination of both, you will get success in your life then

you will move and will be able to reach somewhere But if a person works, then he also needs

some reward that if I am doing something then I will get it the steps you are taking today,

what will you benefit from that it is also important for you to think and in this, I

add one more thing to you that when you are getting somewhere and getting away combining

it Add one more thing that you negotiate with yourself this is the third point when you

negotiate with your self now what is the meaning of negotiation Will exercise for a week of

exercising and after exercising I will go to a party with my friends and in the situation

if you can’t party Think of something else.

Now understand my example like I love watching documentary whenever I see documentary my

wife come and turn off my documentary she said you are wasting your time but I like

it very much so I come in negotiation with my wife and with me the negotiation is that

I will do this work till one week and I will do this then I will give reward to myself

and the reward is I will reward myself while watch documentary let’s think you like to

Watch movies It is like you like watching a movie you like it is a reward for you you

Will get a reward when you do something that you don’t like.

You don’t like to read but you like to pubg You will not play pubg till then you do not

read for a week and no one is coming to control you You have to give a reward to yourself

you have to negotiate with yourself I love cheese pizza please do I’ll eat cheese pizza.

I like it very much but I have to follow1 monthly diet plan After that I will eat cheese

pizza on the cheese date Not that I am eating cheese pizza every day I am playing pubg daily

I am watching documentary daily you have to give reward to yourself because human beings

love reward it is your psychological trick that you like a reward you run toward reward

but if you are not getting reward to create it for yourself create situations for you

that you will get reward and then you will run and you will leave laziness and stop wasting

your time and this is what I want now the fourth point make a schedule for yourself

people don’t have schedule There is no time to get up in the morning.

There is no time to sleep.

Now there is no time in the day what to do and people feel it If you are making a schedule

of yourself then that means We were imprisoned we are live like a prisoner To make a schedule

for yourself is a Psychological trick We have to live as we should.

If you live them in this way then you will also get the result Wise people to follow

schedule and fool does not even make it If you tell me by commenting below that from

today you want to bring in front of sensible and people or stupid people that you want

to live with the schedule or without it, the choice is yours you have to make your life

it’s your choice and to ruin your life, the choice is yours.

Let’s have to watch this video further and avoid it by watching this video and watching

like a comedy show.

Have to watch some abusive video The choice is yours, everything is yours as well and

whatever you get in life is not your choice If you get a lot of money There is a lot of

luxury You get what life you want you have got such a life which Everyone says Its a

dream life must have seen your choice and if life becomes like Nobody is good at anything

this is also your choice so you have to choose If you want You to have to decide whether

to make a schedule or not to make a Schedule and if you make a goal.

When you know where to go, where to run from making a Schedule of them and break then actions

in daily and that today I have to do this and do this If you Want to do well in an exam,

want to reach there and now where do you want to run you have identified and you have negotiated

then break it I have to read it Today and read it then so have a Schedule make Schedule

and according to Schedule reprogram your subconscious brain because the schedule you will make you

would have a habit of it and you are not controlling your life you habits control your life and

you get this Stone Cold fact final fifth point Is to Slave Yourself now you will say make

slave of yourself, yes make yourself your slave you people are your slave now you think that

your boss is inside you and you as a body and physical identity and mentally you are

a slave.

Now you order yourself and to slave, can’t deny to you know yourself vase you know what

is good for you you have to agree with your internal voice order Let yourself be a slave

what order come From inside you have to believe it You hear the voice of your conscience what

is right and what is wrong You must listen to it but what you choose yours don’t listen

to it you do not listen to your instincts and it is necessary to listen to instincts so give

order to yourself that today you have to do this and whatever happened have to do it if

you are doing exercise you have to do it and some people say that our When the conscience

says, he is resting and lying down.

that is not your conscience.

The conscience knows that you are resting wrong Know that but do not identify. we hide it.

We have to do self-introspection here you have to see what is right and what is wrong

You will have to rewire yourself to redesign your life and this is the time to stop wasting

your time see that I want to convince you today.

i told you 5 point I again revise you that you should stop wasting your time and for

that you have to do five things First of all, make aim for yourself make goal so that you

have neurological fuel is that you do something you

have to boosted up so the second step is that where you

want to reach and from where to run getting somewhere and getting run away you have to

analyse both of things that what you want is what you don’t want and the third step

is negotiate with yourself that if I do it so what reward will

I get what will I give reward to myself you have to negotiate and the Fourth step is

to make your schedule and this is the psychological take I told you and the

final step is that we have to make yourself a slave we have to make slave yourself and

to follow instants inside us so we will do something big in life and we will stop wasting

our time immediately so immediately stop wasting your time so finally if you understood this

five points start implementing and if you like this video like this video and if you are

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आलस ख़त्म करने के आसान उपाय | End #Laziness 100% | Stop Wasting Time |

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