How to Earn Money Online Without Investment RS 50,000 P.M in 2023

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment RS 50,000 P.M in 2023.

Without investing money, 50,000 or more, is this possible to earn every month. Many people will say to you that earning 50000 without investing money is not impossible. We cannot earn it, But today in this Post I am going to tell you exactly about a platform by which not only 50000 but you can earn much more money than it every month, and that too without any investment.

See, the internet has made work very easy, technology has made it so easy that you can earn money through your mobile phone by sitting at your home or from your office or at any beachside Now you may not believe me because there are many platforms on the internet, Who to trust?

Which is a safe and secured platform, I will tell you and you will also earn money continuously, now if one thing you have understood here is that If you want to earn money here and you are getting such a platform from which you can earn without investing money, then you should give a lot of importance to this Post because this is an earning related Post and you must share this Post with your many friends who want to earn money through the internet, I tell you about a platform which is Gromo, many people have asked me about Gromo that how to earn money through this platform and many people even have heard about Gromo so far, I will tell you from the whole base what this platform does and what services it is providing you and in what way you will you get money through Gromo.

Now see what happens, that Necessity is the Mother of Invention, in India, see what Necessity People want a side income. Who does not want to have a side income and people did not know the methods for that side income, that’s a big thing, now many such big companies offer that if you recommend their services or products, then you can earn money.

I have also told you about many companies before about referring and earn and Today I am going to tell you about a platform, as I said that name of this platform is Gromo, if you will go on this then this company is a distribution company of financial products, now this company was started by Ankit Khandelwal and Darpan Khurana.

So these two people have started this company. Both people are IITians, they have completed their graduation from IIT Delhi, and after it, they have experience of 12 years in the business, they have led many startups and now they are solving the biggest problem of India, and that is to earn money.

So how they are doing it, let me explain to you. The Gromo company, they have partnered with more than 20 financial companies which are giving financial products and services and you saw their products on Gromo. You can share these financial products online with your friend circle and with your relatives, and on your internet and you also have some friends who are on the internet.

Now it comes to how we will do it, we are new to it and we don’t know anything. Gromo has made your job very easy, Gromo provides you, firstly it provides you live webinars. Apart from this, it provides you with tutorial videos so that you can know in which way you will recommend your financial product, then what is its process and how will you get the money Apart from this, they have video courses, which you can learn by watching how you are going to earn money.


Apart from this, you get support to create a personalized website, you have to make your visiting cards and Gromo becomes like your helping partner. Now you are associating with Gromo then you should know that more than 3 lakh partners have associated with them, who are recommending their financial products by visiting their platform and like I said that 50,000 and they are making more money than it.


Now a question comes after it whether it has any registration fees, the answer is no, it does not have any registration fee. Now the vision of Gromo is simple: people in India can earn money by selling financial products and services and can earn money by recommending and it is free to do, so if you want a side income then your search is and. Download the gromo then you will have some exclusive benefits and as you will go to Gromo and you will install some apps then it will ask your preferred language, you can select Hindi or English, then I continue on English.

But see here that financial products are showing that there are saving accounts here and loans and credit cards and demat accounts, you can earn 50000 or more here. So there are timely payments and you can also earn money by referring and earning. So here I have told you that this is also a good option.

Let me tell you about it and like I have said that there are above three lakh partner’s so we can log in here. My number has come here, so I use it here as OTP will come, Now we have a login here now you see. First, it is visible on the homepage on the front that you are getting extra 100 rupees on your first sale, with this, here is your bumper price that you can win an iPhone 12, and offers valid for different times and apart from this you are getting ₹350 for recommending and here you can recommend your demat account to people and you can recommend savings account and you can recommend credit card and you can also recommend subscriptions and you can earn money through them.

Now see here as I talk about live webinars, you can see here clearly that there is product training happening there and you can register here and similarly, there is Product training for Free Charges happening there, so by clicking on seeing more you can see the product training and webinars, so with it, you can see details of Courses here and you can join different courses by which you will get to learn that how you can grow your business.

The downloadable posters you can see here. The biggest thing is that your name will already be printed on the posters, so you have to do nothing You can use these products directly to use them on your social media. As you will earn money there, you can transfer it to your bank instantly.

You just have to go to Wallet section and after it, you can avail yourself the option directly of transfer to the the the the the the the the bank, now see why this is important, let me explain you and as I said that there is academy here for courses, you can see leads here and, on their home screen, you can see that you can also watch a video for using Gromo app and take live training and below that you are also getting the tools which I told you that you can make your visiting card and you can earn money by doing referral and earning.

You can access your diary here and also unlock your website. It will be unlocked after your first sale. Now let me clear you the benefit of referring and earning. Here when you go to Refer and Earn, you will click on share, then your referral link will be generated here, by which you can share in your friend circle. The biggest advantage of referring and earning is that you get an earning of five per cent, it is earning for a lifetime and you get tremendous benefits in one time on the Gromo app. And if you need any kind of help and support then you can go to support on the top right corner of the app and you can get the solution of your query, then they have made a very clean and clear dashboard.

So you can install this app. Now you have understood that you are going to earn money on different financial products. Now let us understand what are the ways to bring leads. First of all, you should make a list of warm markets. Now How does this warm market list start?

Let me explain to you.

What is this warm market and what is this cold market?

These are the common words in the sale. You pick up your phonebook and see, you need a side income. Many people want side income and there will be many people who want financial products. So you make a list of two people, one of those who need extra earnings or those who need extra income, then one is a category of extra income, you can put name 1,2,3 here and after that, you can create another category, those who need the products and services, then you can make a list of them and after that, you can call your friends to step by step and you can tell them on call or you can tell them about gromo on WhatsApp.


Now that you have made and you have worked on it, then let’s assume that you have made a list of 100 people and out of 100 you have 20, 30, and 40 people associated with you. Now definitely you will get some earnings from them but you will say that this earning is limited, and it can also stop after some time because people are limited. Now, this was about the market.

What is cold market ?

Now the cold market means that the people you don’t know, there were People in the warm market whom you know, you recommended them one time, the thing is money has come. But now we need money continuously and for that, you made a funnel on social media, now what does it mean.

Let me explain to you when we talk about social media funnels, then you are going to leverage the different platforms on social media like YouTube-like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You have to increase your followers on these platforms and you have to increase your subscribers and for that, you have to post content, now Gromo gives you most of the free content for them, especially for Instagram, now when you per content regularly and its engagement increase and you also get followers due to algorithm, and the second thing that you can also create your videos on Instagram and YouTube and Facebook.

When you will create and put your videos and you will put content then you will get new people regularly and when you get these new people then it will come in two categories which we understood in starting, either these people also want extra income or these people are interested in some product or some service, then you can approach those people for extra income or for some service, which will keep coming to your income regularly.

Right now I have talked in short because people now have more curiosity to know about to the point You are going to get many courses and webinars in the Gromo, but what I have told you, in short, is a platform in which you can earn money by promoting financial services are going on, as I showed you.

And when you will log in on it, then all exclusive benefits you will get. And you can start referring and you can start earning and you can start it today. start referring and I will see you in the next Post if you have some questions then you can ask in the comments, we will try to answer that question and definitely if anything beneficial for you by which you can earn money and which is legit and safe and secured, we will share it with you.

Share it because many people want to earn money and who can get help by this Post so share this Post and I will see you in the next Post till the time you go self-made.

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